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TLC Platform Review – Capturing Leads

TLC Platform Review… Being in this industry, creating offers, squeeze pages, I know I’m not the only one who spends a lot of time or a lot of money developing and split testing landing pages and squeeze pages with different offers. I mean even the colors and buttons make a difference.

TLC Platform ReviewObviously, I bought the program and am loving it.

But, before you buy it, let me tell you what it is and what it can help you accomplish. Then you can decide if this will help you save time and money in your business.

The TLC Platform or Total Lead Capture Platform is basically a way to capture leads more efficiently and effectively. I’ll tell you why in just a minute…

Every marketer knows that there is a TON of money in a list. They also know the importance of building their mailing list… but yet so few actually take the steps to really optimize and create a good looking squeeze page. A good looking squeeze page can increase your opt-in rates and overall revenue.

Think about this for a minute…

If you can increase your opt ins by only 3 a day, that equals over 1000 new opt-ins per year. Most marketers are EASILY making $1 or more per month per subscriber. It can mean the difference of making tens of thousands more each year.

The challenge with most marketers is that they are not technical and every time they make a change it takes time and money.

With TLC platform, you don’t have to worry about any of this. The lead capture pages, squeeze pages and landing pages are already done for you. This is so much more efficient and they look professional.

With a professional, updated look, they are also more effective.

Here’s what you get with TLC Platform –

  • Built-in Squeeze page creator with over 50 premium templates
  • Built-in Video squeeze page creator with over 100 premium templates
  • Built-in Double Opt-In “Thank You Page” creator
  • Built-in Download Page Creator
  • Built-in Exit Traffic Capture
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Built-in YouTube Video Player
  • Built-In Social Media Adder – Add Twitter and Facebook links, Facebook “Like” Buttons, Google +1 buttons, and even Facebook comments to your pages with practically one click of your mouse.
  • Built-In Easy Link Creator And Adder
  • Built-In Tracking Script Adder For Google Analytics Or Any Other Tracking Script
  • Instant Thank You Page Creation – All Wording Done For You To Save You Time
  • And much more.

    My Recommendation For The Total Lead Capture Platform

    If you have an existing website and currently capturing leads or running campaigns for yourself or for other clients and need a point and click platform because you don’t know html, you need this. If you have a website but you’re not capturing leads, you’re flat out missing the boat here. You have to have this along with a way to communicate with your subscribers. We recommend Aweber for that. If you don’t ever plan on capturing leads, then this is probably not for you. This will totally save you a TON of time, you won’t need to learn html or css and your work will look AMAZING!

    So here’s what you need to do next…

    Watch this video – The program is only $47 – One time only.

    If you don’t want to watch the video all the way through, just exit the page and then click the “stay on page” button so you can order. As with all Clickbank products, you do have a 60 day money back guarantee. My guess though is that you won’t cancel because I’ve explained what it is and who this is for.

    Go Ahead and —> Grab Your Templates NOW