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Rapid Fire Commissions 2.0 Review

We decided to do a quick Rapid Fire Commissions 2 Review because we’ve had a few people email us asking us if this method works or if Rapid Fire Commissions 2 is a scam. So here we go…

rapid fire commissions 2 review

The software in itself is awesome, fully automated and builds niche websites for you. (will save you a ton of time)

There is a reason and a purpose for building these sites.

See there are literally thousands of local businesses that have no clue about online marketing. This software teaches you how to search niche businesses in your area and then finds the perfect domain name that will rank easily on the search engines and then builds you a site for that business.

Once you build and optimize the site (automatically because of the software) you’ll be able to sell that website to the business owner because it’s ranking in the search engines. (This actually works)

There are a few others products out there like this but that don’t contain this software which is a very special touch.

And it’s true that businesses will pay $300 and up for already done sites that are ranking on the search engines, that may only take you a few hours to complete.


Takes only 14 clicks

You’ll be using existing traffic so you don’t have to buy any

It has a built in domain name finder which is huge,

You can do this anywhere on any budget because there is no cost.

You do however have to talk to business owners and let them know about your site. They do provide phone scripts, but we have another way if you’re not comfortable talking on the phone.

rapid fire commissions 2 watch this

Make a video of the site using Screenflow, Camtasia or your video camera, send the video via email to 5 businesses (within the niche) telling them to call you because your site is for sale and is ranking on the search engines 😉 The first one that calls gets the site. Works awesome!

Learning how to do this opens the doors to build income consistently. If you can build websites in specific niches for businesses and get them to rank, why not do the same for affiliate products and make consistent commissions.

This is how you make money with Clickbank and how you can dominate product launches when they are released.

Watch the Video to learn more…

We do recommend this product, and right now you can even get 50% off.

rapid fire commissions 2 discount

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Rapid Fire Commissions 2 bonus 1

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