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OMG Machines Review

Here is a complete OMG Machines Review by Mike Long and Greg Morrison.

If you’ve been hanging out in the Affiliate Marketing world, you may recognize the name Mike Long. He (along with Kelly Felix) are the creators of the product “Bring The Fresh”, one of the best affiliate marketing training programs on the market today.

Mike has always over-delivered on his training products and he definitely didn’t change his reputation any with OMG Machines.

Greg Morrison is a student of Mike Long and attributes his success to Mikes product “Bring The Fresh”. Greg had dabbled in affiliate marketing for awhile but took his mind and income to a whole new level after training from Mike to the tune of $1.4 million dollars in just under 1 year 2 months.

That’s absolutely incredible if you ask me.

OMG Machines Review

What is OMG Machines All About?

OMG stands for One Man Gang because Greg was able to accomplish his $1.4 million dollar run without a secretary or anyone on payroll. He found a unique way of ranking his websites #1 on the search engines. By doing so allowed him to corner both the local market and the affiliate market.

He created multiple high quality websites that ranked #1 in the search engines for local business owners around the nation. Once ranked, they would pay him for the site and a monthly to maintain the site in the top spot.

He also created several affiliate sites that rank #1 so he receives a commission from those products when people order through his link.

And this is what OMG Machines is all about. SEO – Search Engine Optimization because he says once you can get to the #1 spot on the search engines, you become a player. If you can get to the #1 spot for any keyword, you can make money.

So that’s what he’s focused on over the last 14 months and it’s proven to be very successful for him. Check out all the testimonials he’s got

What’s in OMG Machines?

OMG Machines is you literally looking over Greg’s shoulder as he shows you his exact blueprint that he uses to obtain #1 rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and it’s powerful. He shows you a brand new site that is literally ranking #2 in a matter of 8 weeks.

This might not seem to incredible until you look at the competition. Most of the sites he goes up against have a domain age of 9 – 13 years. Google puts a lot of emphasis on sites with domain age. Yet he is able to outrank aged sites which is not easy to do.

Last we checked, his site is now ranking #1, so he has surpassed the 13 year old domain using his SEO skills.

There are a total of 15 “look over my shoulder” videos that show you exactly how to get #1 rankings in the search engines and it’s impressive to say the least.

Knowing what he is doing will give you a HUGE advantage as an affiliate because you’ll be able to rank in the search engines and by doing so will allow you to make more commissions.

Here is a breakdown of all 15 videos:

Video 1 and Video 2
Video 3 and Video 4
Video 5 and Video 6
Video 7 and Video 8
Video 9 and Video 10
Video 11 and Video 12
Video 13 and Video 14
Video 15

As you can see, it’s crazy how much information Greg reveals in the OMG Machines training. It’s a step by step look over my shoulder video training series with great explanation of getting your sites to rank.

My OMG Machines Recommendation

My recommendation to you is follow what Greg is doing. IT WORKS! I have made a TON of money getting sites to rank high on search engines. And as you’ll see from the videos, he walks you through real live examples of sites he is pushing to the top of the search engines.

The product is only $49 bucks which is a steal if you ask me. Just go on his site and look at all the testimonials of people having success. This is a great product for anyone looking to step up their game in affiliate marketing regardless if your a newbie or a seasoned pro. I guarantee you’ll learn something to implement in your business. I know I have.

OMG Machines Review

OMG Machines

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