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Membership Sites Blueprint Review

WOW! All I can say is Peng Joon impresses me more and more as I go through his materials and do a Membership Sites Blueprint Review. This guy knows how to over-deliver on any of his products he puts out. And he definitely knows to make money creating and selling products.

Peng Joon and Alex MandossianSo what’s this new product all about and how is it going to help you make money?

The idea behind this product is to show how anyone can start making money online by creating membership sites. There are literally hundreds of thousands of membership sites and programs throughout the world and for good reason…

Once a member, the owner of the site or program gets paid over and over again. This product focuses on teaching how anyone can start their own membership site, WITHIN 7 MINUTES, and get consistent, monthly income over and over again.

There are 3 ways to make more money. Charge more for a product, get more customers, or get existing customers to pay you multiple times over.

The Membership Sites Blueprint training shows exactly how Peng Joon has made a fortune using this model.

Inside Membership Sites Blueprint

Inside the Membership Sites Blueprint training area you’ll find 8 different modules and a 30 day action plan on specifically what you need to do over the next 30 days, which is a great way to stay on task.

The modules include:
Membership Sites Blueprint Review

  • 1: A Great Start
  • 2: Site Organization
  • 3: Generating Traffic
  • 4: Loyalty Programs
  • 5: Getting Content
  • 6: Building Your Site
  • 7: More Traffic Ideas
  • 8: MSB Elite Fast Track Program

Each Module is extremely detailed with videos and explanations that really make setting this up simple.

1. A Great Start – First Peng Joon talks about getting starting with your product or idea. This is where it all starts and determines the success or failure of your membership program. In my opinion, this is the most important piece and Peng Joon agrees which is why he spends a great deal of time with you understanding how to identify the perfect market.

He also goes into great detail about building your website, targeting specific demographics, domain names, choosing the right business model and strategies you can use to make your product irresistible. In total there are 25 step by step tutorials within this module.

2. Site Organization – In this module, Peng Joon shows you how to organize your site and also introduces you to the 3 most important ways you can set up your site architecture. Now this is very important because you want your membership site to be very user friendly and the most profitable. By keeping it user friendly, easy to use and valuable, your customers will stay members longer.

3. Generating Traffic – One of the most important things you need once your membership site is created is customers. Peng dives into several different methods he uses to get memberships.

4. Loyalty Programs – This module is all about building relationships with the members and creating raving fans. The longer you can keep your customers active by providing real value for them, the longer and more money you will make.

5. Getting Content – This is a very large section and goes into great detail about building out content for your site and product. He stresses that you don’t have to be an expert in the area you are focusing on. In fact, he has several membership sites that he has created but is not an expert. He just leveraged someone else and used their knowledge to create the membership.

6. Building Your Site – This section goes into great detail of what software or tools to use when setting up your site. He goes through merchant processing and shows the different platforms you can use for the membership sites.

7. More Traffic Ideas – This module goes into more detail about getting more traffic which turn into sales for your membership site. He talks more about involving social media and ways to go viral which will drive more traffic and sales.

8. Fast Track Program – This is a great section… It’s basically a business-in-a-box. Peng has identified several different niches you can immediately jump into with content and all, create a membership site and start making money. All you have to do is rewrite the content so it’s unique to you and your business.

Is Membership Sites Blueprint For You?

It’s for anyone that wants to make money over and over again by just doing the work once. Because anyone can create a product, since he shows you how to leverage the experts, anyone can create a membership site that pays over and over again.

If a twenty something year old kid from Malaysia can do it without being an expert, anyone can do it. So yes, we HIGHLY recommend this product and why I wanted to do a Membership Sites Blueprint Review.

So here’s what you need to do …

Head over to Peng Joon and Alex Mandossian’s Official Site and Watch the whole Membership Sites Blueprint presentation.


Membership Sites Blueprint Review

Membership Sites Blueprint

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