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Kindle Ritual Review By Brian G. Johnson

Here is a quick Kindle Ritual Review for Brian G. Johnsons newest Amazon product. If you haven’t heard of Amazon by now, you need to get out a little more.

Brian G. JohnsonBut who is this Brian G. Johnson guy? Well Brian G. Johnson has been a successful internet marketer for almost a decade now. He’s was one of the first that really took affiliate marketing to a new level and mastered Google Adsense. He then went on to create several internet marketing products that help teach the concepts of SEO and getting traffic to your business.

Now, he’s released his newest product called Kindle Ritual and it’s an amazing product for those looking to FINALLY make some money with Kindle products.

Brian has published a number of books in the kindle marketplace and in this program this is exactly what you are going to learn as well. Questions like “how to easily and quickly create books”, “how to format these books”, and “how to create these awesome covers” are all answered in Brian’s Kindle Ritual Program.

What’s in Kindle Ritual

Kindle Ritual Package

The Kindle Ritual Program contains 7 modules. Within each module contains several tutorials with step by step instructions to the creating a Kindle product.

  • Module 1 : Intro To Kindle Ritual
  • Module 2 : Author Theme Training & Usage
  • Module 3 : Kindle Niche Selection & Ebook Creation
  • Module 4 : Amazon Kindle Ritual
  • Module 5 : Author Site Ritual
  • Module 6 : Facebook Leverage Ritual
  • Module 7 : Video Ritual

Intro To Kindle Ritual

In this module, Brian introduces the Kindle Ritual program and how he’s creating tons of kindle products. It’s crazy too because he’s not just focusing in one niche. He’s going after what is hot and that, my friend, is the key. He’s doing gaming books, he’s doing how to make smoothies, which by the way is in the top 10. As well as diet books, so he’s all over the place. It doesn’t matter what your book is, the key is getting it in front of people.

Video of Members Area.

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Author Theme Traning & Usage

This is great module…

The author theme makes it really easy to create a book. All you do is install a wordpress theme and use his special manuscript technology to create a book simply by posting to wordpress. It does all the formatting for the book and it even creates a great looking cover for it. This way it’s easy to get it up on Amazon and start making sales, as long as you’re familiar with WordPress.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, this is a good time to learn 🙂

Kindle Niche Selection & Ebook Creation

In this module, Brian goes over the pieces to creating the actual book. He talks about how to write the book yourself or outsource them. He discusses how he figures out what to write about and then how he uses experts to create the content for him. He talks about how he finds niche markets or hot markets and things that are trending especially on holidays.

After this, he shows you how to do the research in Amazon to make sure you’re choosing the right niche so it’s successful. He talks about Sales Rank, Brainstorming, Categories and Keywords within Amazon and Google and even Facebook.

You will see exactly how he’s doing this and how you can duplicate what he is doing. There are 15 step by step tutorials alone in this Module.

Amazon Kindle Ritual

This module is typically what most people are getting when they buy other Kindle courses out there. This section teaches you how to publish your book the right way so you generate sales, the goal of your book, testing the title of your book so it grabs readers attention, book pricing strategies, updating, promoting, KDP select (which stands for Kindle Direct Publishing, it’s a way you can earn royalties and use new promotional tools).

This section give you everything you need to feel confident publishing your book. There are 15 video tutorials in this section as well.

Author Site Ritual

This module teaches how anyone can become an author and create an “Author Site” to drive more traffic to your books and make more sales. No one is teaching this and is a huge bonus to this program.

It’s basically creating a book targeting search terms that people have used to find your book. Doesn’t matter what the book is, people will be able to easily create an “Author Site” using Brian’s software that automatically creates pages for you based on what’s inside of Amazon. A really cool tool.

Facebook Leverage Ritual

This module goes into detail about how Brian is using Facebook to leverage his Amazon Kindle Ritual campaigns. He talks about getting book reviews which is an great social way of driving more sales. How to get it up and running with advertising and cost per click, niche marketing, going viral, landing pages.

For those not familiar with leveraging Facebook, this is a great introduction to it all and will help increase your book sales once implemented.

Video Ritual

This is a section on how to use video marketing in your campaigns to drive traffic and more sales. Google loves YouTube and it’s no wonder why. Brian teaches you how to leverage this free resource to drive even more traffic and sales to your books.

Do I recommend Kindle Ritual?

Absolutely 100% yes and here’s why…

Brian G. Johnson is an amazing teacher. If anyone can teach you how to make money publishing Amazon Kindle books it’s Brian. He’s in it to help people succeed which is why he’s also including his coaching program where he’s doing 4 live Webinars and letting you rub shoulders with others doing this. He has a proven track record and currently publishing numbers of books in Amazon. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever written a book before or not. He’s going to show you a proven way to leverage one of the largest affiliate networks on the planet and make money doing it.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee…

You can’t beat that.

Kindle Ritual Guarantee

Use the product and see for yourself how powerful the product is.

So here’s what you need to do next…

Head over to Brian Johnson’s Kindle Ritual Video and Watch the whole presentation.

The price will increase on October 16th, so be sure to order as soon as possible before the price goes up.


Kindle Ritual Complete Package

Kindle Ritual

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Discover The Ultimate Kindle Ritual Bonus Package

Bonus #1 – Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Ritual bonus 1

These new HD Kindles are AWESOME! One of these will allow you take your business with you where ever you go. Everyone who purchases Kindle Ritual through our link will be entered in the Kindle Fire HD giveaway (see the terms below). We have ordered these directly from Amazon and will mail it from our office directly to your doorstep. You’ll also qualify to receive all of our extra bonuses below.

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Bonus #2 – YouTube Tricks

YouTube Tricks bonus 2

YouTube is huge right now. Of course Google owns them and notice how many YouTube videos are starting to show up in the search results. We have a few tricks that will help your videos rank better and show up higher on the search engines. This will help you when selling books on Amazon because your videos will a lot of times out rank certain sites depending on how competitive your niche is.

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Bonus #3 – Blog Secrets That Will Help You Sell More Books


If you know how to blog the right way, you can drive more traffic to your affiliate links and sites which means more book sales. We want to show the right way to blog so it gets traction and followers. This is by far one of the best ways to get free traffic to your Amazon books.

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Bonus #4 – PR Web Press Release

Kindle Ritual bonus 4

This is for a premium press release from PRWeb which is one of the top PR companies in the nation with over 250,000 news subscribers. You’ll be able to link to your website, add video, an RSS feed, images and social buttons to your release which will boost book sales immediately for your product.

It will be released to major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. as well as premium news outlets such as USA Today, NY Times, Washington Post and more through the Associated Press. This bonus has a real value of $369. This is what it costs for each press release.

Claim Your Kindle Ritual Bonus

Here’s how to claim your Kindle Ritual bonuses.

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Kindle Ritual Access

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