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How to Find a Niche – Niche Selection

One of the most important pieces to making money online is finding the right niche, but most people who are just starting out don’t know how to find a niche or don’t take to time to even think about it mostly because no one ever told them how important it is.

When you talk to several marketers, their model is – Ready – Fire – Aim. And although the works in certain cases, it would be the exception and not the rule. If you want to grow your monthly income on a consistent basis, you don’t want to do anything before you first find a good market and niche within that market to sell to.

Killing Your Business Before it Gets Started

How to find a nicheThis is what happens to most people who get started and want to make money online. They have a great idea or passion for something so they spend a bunch of time creating a website, plugging in all the tools, auto-responders, then they can’t figure out why sales don’t come. Then they spend a bunch more money trying to get traffic to the site and traffic doesn’t come very much either. Then they try to figure out what went wrong?

The better way is to find out what people are looking for and develop a product around that specific target market. Or if you have an idea, and I can’t stress this enough, do your research before you spend the money and time developing your niche site or niche product. A lot of times, if you’re passionate about something, more than likely someone else has already created the product and you can simply market that product to collect an affiliate commission.

What is a Niche Market

Maybe before I go any further, I should explain what a niche is for those that may not know. Now, there are several different ways to explain a niche but for the purposes of internet marketing, it’s basically a focused or targeted audience that’s usually within a sub-market of a bigger market. targeted nicheFor example you have several different markets like health, money, relationships, etc. Within these markets are several sub-markets or audiences.

For health it might be weight loss, food, or building muscle. For money you have different ways to make money like real estate, stocks, and the Internet. And for relationships you might have dating, marriage, and parenting. Then there are specific niches within these sub-markets. Try to drill it down as much as possible, that way when you send visitors to your site, they will be very targeted and your product will be specifically created to solve their problem.

Should I Choose A Niche Market I am Passionate About?

I get this question all the time and the answer is both YES and NO – Let me explain…

There are so many different “money making” niche markets out there that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just the one’s you are passionate about. By doing so will limit the amount of money you can make overall. With that said, it’s also important you choose a niche market you are passionate about so you’ll enjoy what you’re doing and have fun doing it. Plus it’s easier because you understand better and probably even have some experience in the niche.

So don’t be afraid to really branch out and discover new areas that are doing well. ALL of the successful entrepreneurs and internet marketers understand this well and they go to where the money is. They don’t care what the audience is, they just know people are looking for a solution and they want to be the ones that provide it.

When you’re first getting started, you might want to find something you understand or like because it will be easier to create the content and see the project through.

finding trends in Google

Researching Markets to Find the Perfect Niche

One of the best resources to find the perfect niche, is the Internet. If you can find out what people are searching for and get in front of those people with a product to solve their problem, you will make money. Google has positioned themselves in a way like no other search engine. They have some really good tools that are available for you to use and see what people are searching for or trending towards.

Google Trends allows you to see what people are looking for and what’s buzzing. If you click on “Hot Searches”, you’ll be able to see what hot and how many people are searching for that specific topic. A buddy of mine, literally last week was able to capture over 15,000 email addresses in a matter of 3 days using this tool. Now that’s how you build a huge, extremely targeted list quickly. He will be able to suggest products to that list and make a fortune.

The Niche Selection

The Niche Selection Review

Mark Acutt who is also a well known internet marketer has just released a product called “The Niche Selection” and it’s incredible. Here is a quick Niche Selection Review of his new program that was just released.

First of all, his product is AMAZING. It really jumps into much more detail from what I’ve shared with you, about 115 pages more. And he’s practically giving away his materials at $50, because this is by far one of the most important pieces of being successful online.

Here’s what The Niche Selection includes:

Part 1 – Finding Profitable Niches –

You’ll discover 18 different techniques to find those HOT niches everyone is looking for. If you know where the audiences are located who are looking for solutions to their problems, you will make a ton of money. Plain and simple.

Part 2 – Validating Your Niches –

Like I talked about earlier, you want to make sure it’s a niche where people are looking for a solution to their problem. This section of the training focuses on testing the niche once it’s been found.

Part 3 – Niche Nitty Gritty

The more you get to know your audience, the more money you will make and that’s what this section focuses on. Profiling your audience so you can deliver them the best products available. By doing so will really increase your overall results.

Anyone who is looking to be successful online really needs to check out
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It truly is one of the pieces you can’t go without and why those getting into the internet marketing world usually fail.

Here is just one of the many testimonials from an internet marketer…
look at niche selection
The Niche Selection testimonial

I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and head on over to see for yourself before you spin your wheels and waste anymore time.

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P.S. You also have a 60 day guarantee so even if you think you know all about niche research, you can give it a try and see how much you’ll learn.