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HostGator Coupon Code

hostgator coupon code for 1 penny hostingIf you’re looking for a great deal on hosting, using HostGator Coupon Code GET1PENNYHOST will give you hosting for only 1 penny.

Now, if you’re brand new to building websites, hosting, etc, there are several things you want to look for in a hosting company because you’re success online as a new website owner depends on it.

Hosting Company Guidelines

Depending on what your goals are for you website, you might get overwhelmed by all the features that hosting companies provide when choosing between them. In my opinion, there are only 3 things I want to know right out the gate before I investigate any further.

    1. Uptime Guarantee – this is a critical element and I believe is most important. As your site begins to establish credibility and starts to rank high on the search engines, the goal is to make money. Every second your website goes down means money out of your pocket and into your competitors pocket. Bottom line, you cannot afford to spend all your time and thousands in marketing to have your website go down.

    2. Customer Service – This is a big one, especially if you are new and don’t fully understand websites yet. There will be times when you don’t understand how to do something. You’ve got to be able to talk to someone that can help you solve your problem.

    3. Money Back Guarantee – With so many hosting companies online and so many options, it’s hard to know 100% if a hosting company is good for you. Obviously is speaks volume to see what others are using, but it means total confidence when hosting companies offer money back guarantees. I personally like it because I’ve tested several companies and I’ve asked for my money back because they didn’t perform to my expectations.

Once these 3 critical elements have been met, then I can move on the the next pieces when choosing the best hosting company.

4. Price – hosting companies anymore will all have similar features. When starting out, your company, in most cases is not very big. You don’t need all the bells and whistles hosting companies provide. You just need the basics. So first go for quality and go for price.

This is why I love HOSTGATOR. The HostGator Coupon Code GET1PENNYHOST allows you to host your site for only 1 penny. They provide superior quality hosting for a very inexpensive price.

5. User Friendliness – this is a must when you are just starting out. Have a control panel that is easy to understand and navigate is a must. Being able to quickly set up emails, check stats, set up databases, etc. The really big bonus is the one click installs for WordPress, Joomla, and others.

6. Space and/or Bandwidth – This is a critical element if you have an established business or brand or if you are planning on driving a ton of traffic to your site quickly. For most, this happens over time so space and bandwidth usually aren’t a concern until you start getting lots of traffic. Then you might want to consider using a dedicate hosting plan.

7. Blog Integration – Anymore with WordPress sites quickly becoming the main platform for most sites, it simply takes too much time to install WordPress and set up a database if you don’t have the 1 click, 1 minute install. This is a huge bonus, unless you only plan on having 1 site. Then it’s not a big deal.

8. Multiple Site Hosting – This is a great feature for those of us that throw up a few sites a week or more. Being able to have one account and pay the same price whether I have 1 site or 50 sites. This is a huge money savor and HostGator is the company I use for this.

Most hosting companies also offer other features like shopping carts, website templates, point and click web builders, analytics, etc. It really just depends on what your goals are and your marketing plan.

Hostgator is one of the leading companies that offer Hosting Plans. That’s why I gave you the HostGator Coupon Code GET1PENNYHOST so you can test them out and see for yourself how great they really are.

Today they are hosting over 8,000,000 sites which means they are doing something right. Although they are based in the US, they service sites across the world in over 200 different countries. They are legit and provide superior quality hosting.

I definitely recommend their hosting to anyone whether just starting out or a professional.

Check them out, use coupon code GET1PENNYHOST and get your hosting for 1 cent.