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If you haven’t heard about eComMasters FBA edition by now, you’ve been missing out because there has been a ton of buzz about it, especially this week because ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) 5th edition is also going on at the same time. So Amazon has been getting a lot of buzz this week.

Fullfilled by Amazon (FBA)For most of you reading this, I don’t need to explain to you what Amazon is or what services they provide. If you’ve never heard of Amazon before, you’ve been hiding under a rock way too long. Amazon is everywhere, they do just about anything and affiliates can make a lot of money very quickly with Amazon and they don’t even have to be a genius. It’s not uncommon for people to make 10’s of thousands of dollars a month.

What makes Amazon so special, unlike anything else, is their targeted traffic. Amazon get’s millions of visitors daily and the majority of those visitors are there to buy something. What makes Amazon so incredibly appealing are their reviews. We live in a world where people’s opinion matter big time. No one trusts anyone anymore because we’ve all been taking advantage of at one time or another. So now, we as consumers have been conditioned to look for good reviews or we simply don’t buy the product, especially if it’s a no name brand.

I even find myself from time to time when I’m in a store shopping, going on to Amazon and not actually comparing prices but looking to see what other peoples experiences were who purchased the product so I can feel confident the product will be a good product.

So you have millions of consumers all coming to Amazon to buy because they TRUST Amazon and the review system. So it makes sense that if you want to make money, all you need to do is offer a product to the crowd of people looking to buy. This is what makes Amazon a cash-cow for affiliate and vendors across the world.

This is why eCom Masters FBA edition was created. 4 of the top affiliates on Amazon (Tanner Larsson, Los Silva, Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson) together produce roughly 14 million per year as partners with Amazon. They list their products, Amazon brings in the traffic and together it’s a win win relationship.

The 4 “marketing masters” combined their knowledge, skills and experience and put together one of the best training courses on how to make money with Amazon. It’s called eCom Masters FBA edition. While it would be very hard, even not knowing anything about marketing or Amazon, to NOT make money with Amazon, there are very specific things one can do to really increase profit margins on every product that is sold there. Just little things.

In fact, a lot of people on Amazon are lazy. They just throw up a listing and it generates them money. What they don’t take the time to see, is that if they spent just a little more time optimizing, branding, packaging, etc. they would literally make 4-10 times the amount they are making now. This is why it is so critical to get a solid understanding of the business and do things right from the beginning. You’ll just make a lot more money hands down.

One of the reason why I wrote this eComMasters FBA edition review, was to help give my audience an good understanding of this business and why it’s so amazing. If you would like the actual review of eComMasters FBA edition, you’ll want to go here.

For those of you thinking you might want to give Amazon a try, I say do it! Here’s why. This will help you put in perspective how POWERFUL Amazon is and the monster they’ve become.

It’s very hard to create a product and list it in Amazon where you only make $10 a day. This is considered a “failed” product. Now, let’s say you work hard and over the next 4 years you create 100 products (which btw is not hard) and all 100 of them become duds, meaning they all are failed products. Even if you are making $10 a day from each one, that is still $360,000 per year, because Amazon keeps working through the weekends and holidays. It never quits.

So even the very worst products can be profitable once you have a number of them. However, we want to avoid this in the beginning. We want to focus on the best products, building a brand, packaging, optimize our listings and so one. You don’t want to hope your product becomes #1, you make it become #1 through a specific process these guys have perfected and then watch all your profits roll in.

This is truly an amazing business to be in right now. This can literally have a huge impact in anyone life as long as it’s set up properly. The tools and resources in the eComMasters FBA edition will show you step by step how to start selling on Amazon.

Like I said before, this is a great business to be in right now as Amazon is expected to grow exponentially for years to come and you have a chance to get in and learn now how to do this business the right way.

I believe they are holding a replay webinar soon too, so I will keep you updated on that as well. Hope this has helped. Now get off the couch and start selling products on Amazon.