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Click Cash Commission Review

So you ended up here because you are looking for a *REAL* and *HONEST* Click Cash Commissions Review before you buy this product because quite frankly the video just didn’t give you enough information to make a good buying decision.

Well you’ve come to the right spot because I’ve been through this whole training and I so can tell you what it’s all about.

I must warn you though…

You need to read this whole Click Cash Commission Review before you make your buying decision because you may or may not like what you read!!

What is Click Cash Commissions

Unfortunately, the Click Cash Commission video is very vague about how you’re going to actually make money; nor does it tell you anything about what you are going to do. All it does is show you screenshot after screenshot of all the fat checks that are being made.

So I didn’t get much out of the video except that it’s suppose to help you make a ton of money. So I got the product, so I could see what’s inside.

Click Cash Commissions is a “copy and paste” system that requires no special skills and where ordinary people can make real money. It’s basically affiliate marketing 101 where you make sales whenever someone buys a product through your link.

You should be familiar with affiliate marketing by now because it’s all over the place and practically every business uses it because it brings in more revenue for them. Your job as an affiliate is to refer people to these businesses or products.

Here’s what I like about the product…

Click Cash Commissions was designed for beginners so it’s extremely easy to use. Very step by step. In fact, you will make your very first commission going through this system. This way if you’ve never made money as an affiliate, you will see how it’s done and literally see money in your account.

I really like the video trainings in each section. There are a total of 9 sections, that’s including the platinum section. Within each section there are several video tutorials that explain how to make money through affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn marketing strategies and how to leverage some of the more popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The only problem with this is that you’re limited to the number of friends and followers you might have on these social networks.

So you have to go beyond the friends and family if you really want to see your affiliate sales stay consistent and increase, which is understandable. The program also helps you build a website with their Easy Site Builder Tool as well as helps you find a good domain name. This is key to making some really good money as an affiliate.

Now, here are some things I don’t like about the training.

First and foremost, most of the training videos are old, outdated and general enough to be found on YouTube. Since the Internet is changing so rapidly, it would have been nice to see some fresh ninja tricks using more updated strategies.

Secondly, the video does not portray realistic expectations, yet shows these HUGE commission checks. That is just not realistic for anyone just starting out. The video says that a million dollars was made in only a couple of months from a newbie just starting out… NOT HAPPENING! Unless you already know what you are doing (but then you wouldn’t be a newbie), have a product already created so you can leverage jv traffic, have some deep pockets to buy your own traffic and or have a huge list. This product focuses on the basics of affiliate marketing.

So here’s what you really want to know…

Do I Recommend Click Cash Commissions?

Having been through the training as well as other affiliate training programs out there, I think it does a fair job teaching the basics. Inside the members area, there are a ton of products you can read that would take you months to get through them all. I wish more effort was put forth on extracting the important pieces from the material while leaving all the JUNK behind because everyone’s time is valuable.

The key to any online success as an affiliate marketer is the traffic. I wish more time was spent on getting real free traffic and examples of this free traffic where millions were made. Although some of this was covered, there was a lot that was not.

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend this product. I think there are others out there that are better to hone your skills and really increase your bottom line as an affiliate marketer.

If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and have a bunch of Twitter followers or Facebook friends and don’t mind hitting them with offers, this is a quick and easy way to make some money. If you’re looking to scale and make the kind of money shown in the video, don’t expect to make millions using the training that’s within this program.