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This Aweber review shows you everything inside the email marketing software and if it’s the right fit for you. As you may know, there are several email marketing systems on the internet. Some good and many bad. A lot of times it’s hard to find the right now because they all say they are great.

Aweber reviewSo unless you try them, you really won’t know. That is unless you know someone else who has experience with email marketing. This Aweber review will reveal the pros and cons of Aweber which is one of the most common email marketing systems on the net today.

Aweber has been around since 1994 and don’t appear to be slowing down at all. At the time of this review, they serve over 115,000 accounts. That is a ton. We’ve been using Aweber since 2005 and here are a few features about this email marketing software.

Broadcasts – As an account owner, you are able to send out broadcasts or messages to your subscribers as much as you want whenever you want. The key to a great, responsive list is communicating with it regularly. Doing so will help create credibility and trust.

They’ve also integrated well with social media like Twitter and Facebook where you can automatically post your messages for your followers to see.

Autoresponders – These are automatic emails that get sent out at a specific time. The account owner determines what email(s) get sent at what time. All email messages can be personalized to the subscriber which makes a nice touch.

Multiple lists – With Aweber, you can segment or separate your lists from each other if you have multiple products or companies. The system can also automatically separate buyers from non-buyers or move subscribers from one list to another using automation rules.

Analytics – This allows you to see how many subscribers you get on a daily or monthly basis. It also tells you who opens your email messages and who doesn’t. This way you can specifically target those people who open your emails or those who don’t. You can also delete those email subscribers who never open your emails because it’s either a bogus or junk account. This is a great feature because it will help keep your list clean and responsive.

Form builder – This is a great tool that allows anyone to quickly build a form to capture data. Aweber has multiple templates to choose from that can match almost any website. You can decide if you want your subscribers to confirm their opt-in or not.

Pros and Cons of using Aweber as your email marketing provider

One of the reasons we wrote this Aweber review is because there are some things we like and some things we don’t like. First the things we like…

1. Deliverability – when it comes to deliverability, ever marketer knows that deliverability is top priority. If the email message doesn’t make it to the inbox, it’s a lot of missed revenue and opportunity. Aweber has incredible deliverability, probably one of the best I know of.

A buddy of mine has a list 4 times the size of mine, both of us built our lists the same way. He is using another company to send out his messages and I crush his list when we send the exact offers because most of his emails get sent to junk. Now he is starting over and using Aweber.

2. User Friendly – Aweber is extremely user friendly. Anyone with no technical experience can use it to create forms and start building lists immediately. Some email marketing software out there is not very user friendly to those who are just starting out which can be frustrating.

3. Price – When comparing some of the other top email marketing companies out there, you can’t beat Aweber for the price. They are very reasonable when you compare apples to apples.

OK, so what about the things not so good with Aweber?

1. You can’t import leads unless they came from another Aweber account. This can be very frustrating for people with very large lists that may have used a different system. But this is one of the reasons why Awebers delivery is so impressive. They don’t accept junk and are white listed with most email provides so they can deliver messages to the subscribers inbox.

So instead of direct import, a message will be sent the to email address asking the person to confirm they want to be a subscriber. Once they confirm the email, then they are added to the list. This prevents a lot of spam complaints and keeps the lists clean with only those who want your information.

2. Not very developer friendly – This is mainly for advanced users that append data and pass data to multiple pages. Although there are work arounds, we found that Aweber was not as easy as others we have used in the past.

Do we Recommend Aweber

Absolutely! As you’ve seen in this Aweber review, there are so many positive things about this email marketing software that you can’t go wrong. In fact, they even have a 30 day trial period for $1. Heck, if anything, just try them out.

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